Your Way Hair

It's all about creating your own rules
that can work best for you.
Tailor Your Hair, Your Way

There are a lot of types of cutting hair, but the best is the one, that suits you. We have to try more types to find your way.


149 €

Unlock a world of tutorials covering fades, beard grooming, video editing, and diverse haircut styles, enabling you to craft your own barber journey tailored to your individual style.

39 €

Master the art of shooting and editing professional videos using just your smartphone, with simple and effective techniques at your fingertips.

25 €

Refine your beard styling by progressing from fading the beard to shaping the beard using a razor and scissors.

25 €

Master your low fade crop with texture on top where you’ll see detailed scissor techniques down to the precise clipper work to achieve a clean look.

About me

Samuel’s journey began in 2019 at a Barbershop in Stara Lubovna. Upon joining the team of three other barbers, he was warmly welcomed and quickly integrated.

His colleagues taught him and showcased their unique methods, which lead to the same result – a great haircut. Over time, the realization dawned upon him that progression is essential every day, a mindset he still holds dear.

From the beginning until now, he has undergone numerous courses, from Josh.O.P to Hairinmotion by Charlie GrayThree EducationMenspire, and many others. Through this overview of cutting techniques, he gained experience and a perspective on haircutting, that allowed him to understand it in ways he never imagined before.


Your Way Hair originated from Samuel’s philosophy, which began at the very beginning of his barber career. He was taught by three experienced colleagues, each offering a completely different perspective on haircutting.

Later, he realized that it’s not about fighting against each other’s methods, but rather understanding them in order to simplify and make our work more efficient.

That’s why he came up with Your Way Hair. After thoroughly studying various cutting styles, we bring a perspective that shows you that the idea you have in your mind can be even better and simpler than you could’ve imagined.